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Distribution Members

Interstate and intrastate investor owned, special districts and municipal natural gas distribution systems within Florida.

12 Month Renewal - 2019


Pipeline Members

Natural gas pipeline companies within the State of Florida. 

12 Month Renewal - 2019


Marketer Members

Companies that market natural gas within the State of Florida.

12 Month Renewal - 2019


Supplier Members

Companies that provide material, appliances or professional services to the natural gas industry. 

12 Month Renewal - 2019


Underground Contractor Members

Companies that install underground natural gas piping and conduct directional drilling for distribution systems and pipeline companies.

12 Month Renewal - 2019

Contractor/Installer Members

Companies that contract to install or service natural gas appliances, install low pressure, residential and commercial piping downstream of the meter, venting equipment, etc. 

12 Month Renewal - 2019


Electric Members

Companies actively engaged in the generation, transmission and/or distribution of electricity within the State of Florida.

12 Month Renewal - 2019

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