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What is the FNGA?

Formed in 1961, the Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA) is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the growth of the natural gas industry in the state of Florida. It also seeks to protect the interests of the industry, its members and consumers.



FNGA members include distribution companies, transmission, gas supply marketers and affiliate members—and with a membership of more than 100 companies, our organization represents every segment of the natural gas industry.

The FNGA provides value to members by:

  • Sharing the latest industry information (including updates on important safety, legislative and regulatory issues), and working to give members a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving energy industry
  • Facilitating the chance to network within and outside the natural gas industry by holding meetings, conventions and seminars
  • Providing ongoing professional training and education related to industry management, finance, sales, safety and service
  • Sponsoring Advertising and Public Relations programs that promote the sale and use of natural gas products and related services
  • Compiling and publishing Marketing and Public Relations tools for members to use in their own locales
  • Continually working to to build goodwill toward the natural gas industry at all levels

Strategic Objectives

The FNGA aims to promote the interests of members and provide services and support activities that improve member effectiveness in the natural gas industry by:

  • Promoting industry issues related to the supply, transmission, distribution and use of natural gas
  • Identifying, developing, implementing and maintaining value-added programs on behalf of members in the areas of Governmental Relations, Marketing, Operations and so forth
  • Collecting and distributing industry-related information and data to members
  • Sponsoring and conducting conferences, educational events and other programs that inform and train professionals in the natural gas industry
  • Establishing and maintaining positive and symbiotic relationships with other industry trade associations and groups
  • Fostering governmental understanding of, confidence in and cooperation with the natural gas industry
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fnga conference booth

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