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67% Annual savings when operating a natural gas convention oven compared to a non-gas oven
33%+ Amount natural gas appliances can reduce a commercial kitchen’s operating costs
40% Potential energy savings for businesses using a natural gas dehumidifier to reduce the load on their AC system
$50 per ton Potential rebate amount for natural gas commercial units, including gas-fired heat pumps and space conditioning systems
$8.57 Price per MMBtu of natural gas compared to the $34.01 of non-gas when used as a heating fuel
$2,387 Average annual savings for restaurants using a natural gas booster water heater versus a non-gas model
60% Reported savings of an Indianapolis-based beverage distributor that switched 85% of its 100-truck fleet inventory to natural gas
40% Average fuel cost savings of natural gas compared to diesel when used as a transportation fuel

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