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While high, unstable energy prices can make industrial efforts unprofitable, the greater availability and lower cost of natural gas is greatly fueling the ability of US companies to compete in agricultural and other industrial markets—and helping to bring large industry back to the US.

Please contact the FNGA or your local natural gas utility for a wide variety of customized products, equipment recommendations and services specific to your industry, as well as possible rebates and other financial incentives that may be available. Plus, see below for examples of how natural gas is proving itself a valuable asset in the farming industry.


75% Natural gas now costs 75% less than it did in 2008
Dollars worth of new industrial projects coming to the US, partly due to new natural gas extraction techniques and related cost-savings
$82 Amount of natural gas it takes to make 1 ton of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer, which currently sells for an estimated $800 per ton
1/2 Capacity of North American nitrogen fertilizer production ceased early in the last decade partly due to high energy prices
$3,000 Potential amount per acre made by farmers taking advantage of the opportunity to lease their land to energy companies

Uses of natural gas in agriculture include:

  • The making of nitrogen fertilizers
  • The production of crop protection chemicals
  • Food processing
  • Crop drying
  • Heating farm buildings and homes
$6.4 billion worth of new industrial projects

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