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Natural Gas Commercial Fleets

With natural gas commercial fleets, business owners can demonstrate environmental responsibility, enjoy superior life-cycle savings—and leave high gas prices in the dust.


  • NGVs vehicles can reduce a company’s fuel expenses by up to 50% compared to traditional gasoline
  • There are currently 200 fleet options available in the US
  • Central fuel and maintenance make fleets ideal for current NGV fueling infrastructure
  • On-site NGV fueling stations use existing utility pipelines, are modular and can be quickly constructed
  • Mechanics can be quickly & easily trained to support both vehicles & infrastructure

Did you know that one-in-five transit buses in America are now fueled with natural gas?

Other types of fleets already utilizing NGVs include: 

  • Taxi cabs
  • Over-the-road trucks
  • Street sweepers
  • Refuse haulers
  • School buses
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Airport shuttles
  • And more
1in5 american transit buses

CNG school bus

CNG transit bus fleet

CNG garbage truck

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