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Powered by the most economic, eco-friendly transportation fuel available today, it’s easy to see why Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are on the road to becoming the future of transportation. But what may surprise you? They’re taking over roads across the US and Florida—and driving the future—faster than most people think.

1 in 5 Number of transit buses in the US that now run on natural gas
153,000 Number of NGVs on US roads today
1,000 Number of natural gas fueling stations in the US (with about 1/2 open to the public)
200 Amount of fleet options now available in the US
30% Percentage of heavy trucks expected to switch to natural gas by the year 2020

Other Key Facts

  • More than 50 different manufacturers produce 150 models of light, medium and heavy-duty Natural Gas Vehicles and engines. Click here for more information on available vehicles and engines.
  • NGVs use similar engine designs, body structures, etc., than gasoline or diesel fueled cars and trucks. Their biggest difference is fuel source
  • The natural gas-powered Honda Civic GX is recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as the cleanest commercially available, internal-combustion vehicle on earth
  • NGV owners can choose between bi-fuel vehicles, which can also run on traditional gasoline/diesel or CNG-dedicated vehicles, which run exclusively on compressed natural gas
  • Types of fleets already utilizing NGVs include taxis, street sweepers, school buses, airport shuttles and more
  • There are currently more than 30 NGV fueling stations in Florida

153,000 NGVs in U.S.

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