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Natural Gas Vehicle for Residential Use

Fleet owners aren’t the only ones taking the NGV driver’s seat. From tremendous fuel savings to top-notch eco-friendly technology, Natural Gas Vehicles are enticing more and more residential drivers to take the wheel.


  • With more than 150 CNG engines/vehicles currently available, residential consumers have more options than ever before
  • Drivers can choose bi-fuel vehicles, which have the ability to run on natural gas, as well as traditional gasoline/diesel
  • Manufactured in the US, the Honda Civic GX is highly rated and in high demand
  • Residential consumers can also pursue makes and models from EPA-certified conversion system manufacturers or purchase from a government auction of pre-owned fleet vehicles
  • Home fueling appliances and public fueling stations make it easier than ever to fill up the tank  (see more info below)

Home Fueling Appliances

Home fueling technology enables residential NGV owners to fill up in the convenience of the garage.

  • Consist of a simple small compressor that mounts on a garage wall or pedestal, allowing drivers to refuel overnight
  • The unit connects right to the natural gas line that serves the home
  • The apparatus itself runs on electricity and uses fewer watts than most small kitchen appliances
  • HE Systems Technologies and Fuelmaker are among the current producers of natural gas home fueling appliances

$1,000 Tax Credit to Get Things Going!
Learn more about the federal Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Tax Credit currently available.

CNG home fuel station

CNG fuel pump

CNG fuel nozzle

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