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It’s no secret that America’s dependence on foreign oil is a threat to our national security, economy, and environment—and the hole we’re digging is only getting deeper. By encouraging and investing in America’s natural gas as an energy alternative, we can replace more than half of our OPEC oil imports within 10 years. All while creating millions of jobs and putting the billions of energy dollars we would’ve sent overseas back into our own economy.


97% Percentage of natural gas used in U.S. that's produced in North America (approximately 84% is domestically produced while the remaining 13% comes from Canada)
1to1 Every gallon of natural gas used in vehicles is equivalent to one less gallon of petroleum that needs to be imported
Annual amount of North American energy dollars currently going to OPEC countries
150+ Years America's current natural gas supply is set to last
National jobs created by 2030 if we expand access to America's oil & natural gas resources


  • The U.S. currently produces more natural gas than Saudi Arabia produces oil
  • U.S. energy demand will grow by 20% between now & 2035, & natural gas will account for over 25% of world energy demand by that year
  • America’s natzural gas supplies are plentiful enough to both sell abroad & satisfy domestic demand.
  • Everything from new technology to agricultural applications to end-use commercial savings will also help the U.S. compete in global markets
North America has 150+ years of natural gas supply

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