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Less pollution. Conserved resources. More jobs. Cost-savings. While there is no shortage of natural gas benefits, there are nowhere near enough opportunities to expand its use—especially in the commercial and transportation sectors. And even though existing rebates and incentives are a good start, by making the transition to natural gas an easier choice for Florida’s commercial consumers, fleets and power plants, we can encourage its use on a larger-scale—and take even bigger steps to green up the environment and economy.


1/2 Amount of CO2 natural gas releases when burned in comparison to coal
80% Reduced nitrogen natural gas emits compared to oil or coal (related benefits also include 99% less particulate matter & 100% less sulfur & mercury)
12% National decreas in CO2 emissions in 2012 compared to 2005, partially due to the increased use of natural gas at power plants
3,000 Pounds of CO2 each natural gas tankless water heater can prevent from entering the atmosphere every
up to 90% Amount of smog-causing pollutants reduced by Natural Gas Vehicles
up to 30% Percentage of CO2 reduced by Natural Gas Vehicles
3x Efficiency in which natural gas reaches homes & businesses compared to non-gas energy
90% Amount of original energy natural gas retains by the time it's delivered to the end-user, compared to the 30% retained by non-gas energy
2x Efficiency of natural gas appliances compared to their non-gas counterparts
60% Amount of additional coal needed in order to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity compared to natural gas
3rd Florida's national ranking in terms of total energy consumption
Cubic feet of natural gas that Florida uses annually, with roughly 85% attributed to the generation of electricity


Existing Natural Gas Rebates & Incentives

Available through numerous natural gas utilities and made possible with the help of Florida’s Energy Conservation Program, natural gas rebates and incentives work to offset the initial cost of including greener, more efficient natural gas equipment. Possible incentives currently available include:

  • Up to $1,750 in residential rebates for including a natural gas water heater, range, clothes dryer and furnace
  • Up to $450 in residential tax incentives for qualifying natural gas equipment
  • Up to a $700 potential reactivation bonus for qualifying customers with inactive natural gas service
  • $50 per ton for natural gas commercial units, including gas-fired heat pumps and space conditioning systems, as well as desiccant dehumidifiers

Please note: Incentive amounts and availability vary by utility. Additional natural gas offers and allowances may also be available.

Natural Gas reaches homes and businesses 3x more efficiently

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