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WWorldwide, there are more than 10 million vehicles running on natural gas. Unfortunately, less than 2% of them are in the US. By expanding the market for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) and creating aggressive incentives that drive the transition to natural gas as a transportation fuel, we can create millions of jobs and address key issues involving energy dependence and the environment. (In fact, we can reduce Florida’s $4-billion-per-month-foreign-oil-bill by 30% or more within 10 years if we start using clean, domestic natural gas to fuel our trucks, buses and fleets.)


#1 Natural gas is the lowest-cost transportation fuel available
40% average fuel cost savings of natural gas compared to diesel
1/2 Estimated cost of fueling a residential NGV versus a car powered by gasoline
45 Number of new jobs every new CNG station creates within a 5-mile radius
Nearly 30 Quantity of natural gas fueling stations in Florida
35,000 Number of jobs created for every 1% increase in natural gas production
Barrels of oil per day the US would save if we replaced 3.5 million heavy-duty vehicles with NGVs by 2035
#1 Natural gas is the cleanest transportation fuel available
21 Replacing 1 older diesel bus with a natural gas bus is equivalent to taking 21 cars off the road
up to 90% Amount of smog-causing pollutants reduced by NGVs
up to 30% Percentage of CO2 reduced by NGVs
1 in 5 Number of transit buses in the US that now run on natural gas
153,000 Number of NGVs on US roads today
1,000 Number of natural gas fueling stations in the US (with about 1/2 open to the public)
200 Amount of fleet options now available in the US
30% Percentage of heavy trucks expected to switch to natural gas by the year 2020
Every CNG station creates 45 new jobs within a 5-mi radius

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