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Natural Gas


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Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, helping to green up individual homes, roads and businesses across Florida while easing numerous environmental and energy concerns that affect country as a whole.


1/2 Amount of CO2 natural gas releases when burned in comparison to coal
80% Reduced nitrogen natural gas emits compared to oil or coal (related benefits also include 99% less particulate matter & 100% less sulfur & mercury)
12% National decreas in CO2 emissions in 2012 compared to 2005, partially due to the increased use of natural gas at power plants
3,000 Pounds of CO2 each natural gas tankless water heater can prevent from entering the atmosphere every
up to 90% Amount of smog-causing pollutants reduced by Natural Gas Vehicles
up to 30% Percentage of CO2 reduced by Natural Gas Vehicles
1/2 amount of CO2 release

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