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While other energy resources are fast depleting, new drilling technologies and techniques are allowing us to recover large amounts of natural gas all across America. And by forming and supporting policies that increase the use of America’s own natural gas, we can take significant steps toward and beyond the initiatives of energy independence and conservation. We can create millions of jobs, help fuel local business and build a platform to grow Florida’s economy—not just today, but for decades.


5 Number of new jobs every new Compressed Natural Gas station creates within a 5-mile radius
35,000 Number of jobs created for every 1% increase in natural gas production
62% Increase in job growth from 2005 to 2010 in the oil-and-gas field machinery & equipment manufacturing sector
10,000 Florida jobs created by 2016 if we increase exploration & development access to federal areas within the Gulf of Mexico alone
National jobs created by 2030 if we expand access to America's oil & natural gas resources
Number of people directly & indirectly employed by the U.S. oil & natural gas industry
Amount the federal government has received from the oil & gas industry since 2000
Daily amount industry companies pay to the federal treasury in rents, royalties, lease payments & bonus fees
40.6% Average industry income tax expenses in 2011
(compared to 25.1% for other S&P industrial companies)
Revenue the industry delivered to the U.S. economy in 2010
Dollars the industry invested in new U.S. capital projects in 2010
$176 billion Amount of wages paid to U.S. industry employees in 2010
2x Oil & natural gas industry exploration & production wages compared to national average
Dividends distributed to American shareholders in 2010
5x The cost of contructing a nuclear power plant vs. a natural gas plant

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