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Because natural gas is delivered to the end-user with three times the efficiency of non-gas energy, it provides significant energy savings “at go”. Beyond that, however, natural gas also enables additional levels of energy and operational efficiency in terms of the technology it offers. For homes and businesses, this means higher-performance, faster-working equipment with less cost and energy waste. For Florida and the US, it means the conservation of precious energy resources, and a degree of environmental protection that’s potentially priceless.

3x Efficiency in which natural gas reaches homes & businesses compared to non-gas energy
90% Amount of original energy natural gas retains by the time it's delivered to the end-user, compared to the 30% retained by non-gas energy
2x Efficiency of natural gas appliances compared to their non-gas counterparts
60% Amount of additional coal needed in order to produce one kilowatt-hour of electricity compared to natural gas
3rd Florida's national ranking in terms of total energy consumption
Cubic feet of natural gas that Florida uses annually, with roughly 85% attributed to the generation of electricity
60% more coal

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