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Additional Safety Tips

Help ensure the best-possible natural gas safety by knowing what (and what not) to do, as well as what potential safety hazards to look out for.


  • Clean your furnace’s filters regularly, and replace when needed. Also, keep all vents clear of debris and other blockages
  • If the flame on a natural gas appliance is mostly yellow—instead of blue, which is the color it should be—this may indicate that the natural gas is not completely burning and is giving off carbon monoxide. Please clear the location immediately and contact your natural gas utility
  • Do not line oven or range burners with foil, and periodically check range pilots for carbon build-up
  • Never store items in, on, or around natural gas appliances—and never use appliances for anything other than their intended purpose
  • Have your furnace and water heater inspected annually by a professional contractor
  • Check for signs of improper venting, such as soot around the appliance or moisture on the inside of windows when the appliance is operating
  • Make sure your exterior dryer vent is free of lint
  • Do not leave a car running in a garage, even if the garage door is open
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