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Tallahassee Now Gearing Up For Its First Ever Public CNG Fueling Station

By FNGAHost on 3/1/2012

Tallahassee, FL: Joining the network of Florida cities putting cleaner, greener transportation initiatives in motion, Tallahassee will officially welcome its first public CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fueling station as early as August of this year.

With construction beginning on February 7th and taking place on the corner of Pensacola Street and Capital Circle North West, the $2.5 million dollar project is being fueled by a ‘public-private partnership’ between Leon County Schools and Nopetro, the Florida-based company in charge of building and operating the facility. The City of Tallahassee Natural Gas Utility is also working closely with both parties and will play the vital role of providing natural gas to the facility.

While the new CNG station will enable greater cost savings and various other opportunities for local fleets and individual NGV (Natural Gas Vehicles) consumers alike, the Leon County school district stands to be one of the facility’s fastest supporters. Not only is the school district on track to convert 44 of its current school buses to CNG by the time the ‘natural gas pump’ opens, but it also plans to transition its entire 240-bus fleet to natural gas within the next five to ten years—hoping to cut fuel costs by up to 40 percent and put more money back in the classroom.

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