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Florida PSC Approves Larger Rebates For Natural Gas Appliances

By FNGAHost on 8/31/2010

Tallahassee, FL August 31, 2010: From the $1500 tankless water heater tax credit to multiple Florida utilities offering up to $1350 in cash rebates on new appliances, the incentives to include natural gas seem to be ever-expanding. And with the Florida Public Service Commission’s (PSC) recent decision to increase cash rebates, it will be more feasible than ever for homeowners to build with—or switch to—natural gas.

Increasing by up to $150 per energy-efficient natural gas appliance, larger cash rebates will take a bigger load off the appliance purchase price—encouraging substantial, long-term energy savings. This supports statewide conservation initiatives by driving greater participation and interest in the Residential Appliance Replacement Program, Residential Appliance Retention Program and Residential New Construction Program.

Natural gas appliances generally eligible for conservation rebates include tank/tankless water heatersranges,clothes dryers and furnaces. Rebate availability and amounts vary by natural gas utility.

Utilities affected by the recent rebate increase include: Chesapeake Utilities CorporationFlorida City Gas,Florida Public UtilitiesPeoples Gas SystemSebring Gas System, and St. Joe Natural Gas Company. All are members of the Associated Gas Distributors of Florida (AGDF) trade association.

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